A Bit About Me

“What the bloody hell is the point in having this website!?”

This was the question that started everything…

About 11 years ago a good friend who’s website was getting about 3 visitors a month sat in front of his computer with his head in his hands, totally confused as to why the business round the corner from him boasted several thousand visits and a slew of customers along with it.

What transpired can only be described as a crazed, obsessive compulsion for knowledge on the subject of SEO.

I read every blog, watched every video and would stay up (sometimes all night) in order to research and practice. To this day I have probably spent in excess of £30,000 on training workshops and courses by some of the planets most respected authorities on the subject.

Fast forward to the present day and after successfully ranking hundreds of sites, can, with hand on heart can say I have developed a knowledge of local SEO that is unrivalled.

The vast majority of SEO’s wont give you any kind of guarantee regarding ranking your site, I will!

I’m so sure of what we can do for your business that if we fail to deliver, we will refund 100% of your investment.

I Cant Work With Everyone

Its a tough pill to swallow….

But we cant be all things to all people.

We deliberately limit the amount clients we work with so that we can do an incredible job for the handful for whom we do.

Below are our minimum requirements.

  • A monthly budget of at least £500
  • Be willing to set a minimum time frame of at least 3 months in order to achieve your traffic goals.

If you are still here then we might well be a fit to work together.