What Is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

And Why Does Your Business Need It

The basics of CRO

Conversion rate optimisation is basically the process of getting a website or landing page to convert at its highest potential, or, in English, getting more people to become customers or take action when they visit your website.

How To Acheive Better Coversion From Your Site

The first, and most important element to understand is that you must know your numbers. It will be impossible to track any kind of improvement without first knowing what your current rate of conversion is.

The 2 1/2 Second Rule

The 2 and a half second rule applies to the speed that your site loads at when someone clicks onto it. In a world of short attention spans it’s vital that the load time doesn’t exceed 2 1/2 seconds, otherwise your prospect is likely just to bounce straight back off in the hunt for what they were looking for.

Research Your Competition

Go and choose 5 or 6 of your competitors and flick through their websites and ask yourself, “would you choose you?” Understanding what other Cornish businesses are doing to boost their conversion is vital. So be brutal, and make sure you are playing in the same league to be in with a chance of securing someones business.

Keep It Simple

Make sure that when somone lands on your website, they immediately know what it is that you do and why they should be using your company. Giving someone a mass of content to try and consume without conveying a clear message is a big turn off.

How To Choose A Cornish CRO Agency

So, I guess if you have read this far then we have done a reasonable job of keeping you on the site and offering some value. I would further hope that it demonstrates that we know about conversion rate optimisation, I guess we will find out.

All joking aside, if you have any questions regarding optimising your website to convert at a higher rate then please feel free to get in contact.